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Nuclear Strategy & Analysis

The Department of Defense has identified the dual missions of sustaining a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrent and countering the threat from nuclear terrorism and nuclear proliferation as among the most important national security priorities for the United States. OASD(NCB/NM) 2018. Analysis of nuclear weapon system requirements is based on current and future threat scenarios as well as consideration of weapons effects and the probability of delivery and potential damage. TechSource Nuclear Strategy & Analysis experts have vast experience working these issues in support of US initiatives with other nations (NATO High Level Group, US/UK STOCKTAKE, Joint Theater Surety Management Group, NATO/Russia Council, Global Initiative for Countering Nuclear Terrorism, NATO School, the George C. Marshall Center, and other bi-lateral programs of cooperation). Our experts also have experience working political and technical issues with the White House: National Security Council, Homeland Security Council, Office of Science and Technical Policy, Congress, GAO and Congressional Research Service.

TechSource experts stand ready to help on any Nuclear Matters, whether the need is for in-depth understanding of nuclear technology and weapons systems or program management and policy insight. For more information, contact Steve Henry at 703-919-9224.