A Message from Our CEO

For more than two decades, TechSource has been providing science and engineering experts to deliver value‑added solutions. As a result, our reputation, our expertise and capabilities, and our customer base have grown.

Since the inception of the company, our approach was to provide independent subject matter experts, in a lean management environment, with a focus on the customers’ needs first. Through years of practicing this approach, our reputation has been set: our customers know we deliver true science and engineering expertise, under flexible and responsive management, with an operating imperative to focus on their needs first. TechSource began as a very small, exclusive group of linear particle accelerator science and engineering experts. We have expanded to include a broad range of subjects comprising technical and management aspects of the nuclear material life cycle as well as other technical areas, such as: systems engineering, physical security, weapons of mass destruction, spacebased technologies, business case analysis, management, and policy. We are particularly adept at bridging the technical and management requirements in large‑scale high technology programs. We are able to address this broad range of subjects since our technical resources now number over 500 senior‑level scientists and engineers and other support personnel predominately from the national laboratory and nuclear weapons complex.

With the combination of a positive reputation and greatly expanding resource base of SMEs, demand for our services grew into new agencies, offices, program, and projects. We now support a broad customer base of federal agencies, national laboratories, and commercial projects, and with the increased emphasis on nuclear matters and another generational turnover in many of the related technical areas, we expect to continue to grow into new areas with new customers.

As we continue to serve our current clients, engage new clients, and expand our cohort, we remain true to and emphasize our corporate values of focusing on technical and scientific projects of national importance, retaining qualified experts and industry leaders, and providing the best solutions in a lean management environment.

We make this promise to all of our current and future clients: We will remain steadfastly focused on your goals and we will work hard every day to ensure that the issues of national importance that you are charged with solving are moved closer to a proven and cost‑effective resolution.

Thank you for visiting the TechSource website.

Brian D'Andrea, CEO of TechSource
V. Brian D’Andrea