Our Staff

TechSource personnel possess extensive experience and accomplishments in both the public and private sectors. Our consultants are recognized not only as unparalleled technical resources but also as world-class industry leaders and innovators. The following is a small sampling of our staff:

Name Degree Experience
Adkins, John BS Program Management; Systems Support
Allen, George PhD Nuclear Weapons Enterprise
Altomare, Damon BS Computer Science
Altschuler, Alan MS Systems Engineering
Anson, Douglas MS Counterproliferation
Aragon, Ezekiel BS Mechanical Engineering
Axler, Keith PhD Pu Metallurgy
Bader, Chris BS Quality Assurance
Beach, Bill BS NRC Licensing; Program Management
Beckner, Everet PhD Physics
Bedker, John PhD Management Analysis; Organizational Development
Bergquist, Wilbur PhD Quality Assurance
Berkey, David MA Business Case Analysis
Billison, John MBA Public Safety
Bisconti, Ann PhD Public Opinion and Communications Research
Booth, Steven PhD Systems Analysis
Booth, Thomas PhD Modeling and Simulation
Bos, Randy PhD Physics
Browne, John PhD Physics; Nuclear Sciences
Brunish, Wendee PhD Astrophysics
Bruns, Caroline BA Systems Analysis
Bynum, Richard Vann PhD Nuclear Weapons Programs
Cappiello, Charlene BS Nuclear Engineering
Cappiello, Michael MS Nuclear Engineering
Chen, Yu-Jiuan PhD Accelerator Physics
Christon, Mark PhD Mechanical Engineering
Crandall, Ken BS Modeling and Simulation
Crawford, John PhD Physics; Nuclear Science
Cremers, Terry PhD Nuclear Materials Measurement
D'Andrea, Brian MEE Program Management; Project Engineering
Dam, Scott MS, MBA Mechanical Engineering
Datres, Shawn Certified Physical Security Analysis
Dennison, Dave MS Automation Engineering
Dieudonne, Jennifer MS Program Management Analysis
Dismuke, Steven HS EVM; Project Controls
Drake, Darrell PhD Physics
Driscoll, Laura Williams PhD Portfolio Management
Eccleston, George PhD Nuclear Engineering
Eckelmeyer, Kenneth PhD Metallurgy; Materials Science
Erickson, Dennis PhD Physics; Nuclear Science; Large Scale Operations
Estep, Robert PhD Nuclear Materials
Farish, Thomas ScD Systems Engineering; Nuclear Engineering
Fienup, Jim PhD Imaging Science
Freedman, Jerry PhD Organizational Analysis
Fugate, Bob PhD Program Development
Garner, Frank DSC Nuclear Weapons Programs
Gears, Jerry MS Advanced Reactor Development
Giangiuli, Jeffrey MS Decision Analysis
Gilbert, Bob PhD Nuclear Engineering
Gittings, Michael BS Mechanical Engineering; Code Architecture
Grant, Stephen MS Electrical Engineering
Greenberg, Ray BS Federal Programs Analysis
Gruber, Chris MBA Cost Engineering
Gruenwald, Thomas PhD Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics
Guidice, Stephen MS Nuclear Weapons Complex Management
Haeckel, Ron MBA Nuclear Weapons Management and Security
Hagelberg, Carl PhD Applied Mathematics
Hagelberg, Stephanie BS Chemistry
Haseler, Craig HS SharePoint Administration
Heighway, Edward PhD Accelerator Based Systems
Henderson, Dale PhD Physics
Hendricks, John PhD Nuclear Modeling and Simulation
Henry, S. Steve MS, MA Nuclear Matters
Herhold, Jeff MA Security Program Management
Hermann, Brian Certification NNSA Policy; Quality Assurance
Herzog, James Certification Law Enforcement; US Coast Guard
Higbee, Joseph MS Program Management; Business Adminstration
Hollen, Robert MS Engineering Management
Hopkins, John PhD Environmental Engineering
Houlton, Robert AA Applied Sciences
Hsu, Hsiao-Hua PhD Nuclear Physics
Idar, Deanne PhD Global Security; High Explosives
Immele, John PhD Nuclear Weapons Programs
Ireland, John MS Mechanical Engineering
Jackson, Joseph MS Systems Engineering
Jardine, Les PhD Nuclear Engineering
Johnson, Bob PhD Materials Science
Juzaitis, Ray PhD Nuclear Weapons
Kelley, Patrick MSE Cryogenics Engineering
Kindel, Joseph PhD Nuclear Weapons Science
Kinzer, Jackson MS Program Management
Kizer, Sheri BS Project Controls
Klosterbuer, Shirley MS Computer Science
Knapp, Corey MS Nuclear Weapons Engineering
Knapp, Malcolm PhD NRC Licensing
Krupa, Dana MA Project Management
Laughton, Christopher PhD Rock Mechanics; Excavation Engineering
Lawrence, George PhD Accelerator Physics
Levin, Adam MS Spent Fuel; Decommissioning
Lisowski, Paul PhD Nuclear Energy and Science
Lopez, Thomas AS Electrical Engineering
Lowry, Mark PhD Physics
Macek, Robert PhD Particle Physics
Mangum, Doug MS Nuclear Weapons Design Engineering
Mara, Glenn MA Nuclear Weapons Programs
Marshall, Virginia Certification Web Content Management
Massey, William PhD Mechanical Engineering
McDuff, Glenn PhD Electrical Engineering
McKerley, Bill MS Senior Scientist
McKinley, Melanie MS Data Analytics
McLaughlin, Tom PhD Nuclear Criticality
Mendoza, Paul PhD Analytical Chemistry
Miller, Mark PhD Mechanical Engineering
Moore, Michael MA Facilities and Assets Management
Morris, Marvin PhD Electromagnetics; Engineering
Moseley, Charles MS Nuclear Quality Assurance
Moses, Edward PhD Physics; Lasers
Needham, Greg PhD Satellite Technology
Nickelson, Pat BA Federal Real Property Analysis
Novicio, Raynaldo BS Computer Science
Oliff, Dale MBA Federal Project Management
Palmieri, Tom PhD Strategic Planning
Papinako, Asya MS Mechanical Engineering
Paternoster, Richard PhD Nuclear Engineering
Patterson, Alan MS Materials Science
Perea, Jacob MBA Nuclear Weapons Engineering
Peterson, Edward HS Manufacturing Engineering
Ponton, David BS Engineering
Preston, Dean PhD Physics
Prueitt, Ethan MBA EVM
Rasin, Bill BS Nuclear Engineering
Rathke, John BSE Accelerator Engineering
Redmond, Bill MA Former U.S. Congressmen
Repa, Joseph MS Civil Engineering
Rhone, James BS Program Management
Rose, Evan PhD Physics
Roth, Mark MA Global Nuclear Power Analysis and Planning
Sanchez, Phillip HS Project Scheduling and Controls
Savage, Buzz MS Program Management
Schneider, David MS Accelerator Systems
Schneider, Ralph PhD Physics
Schrage, Dale PhD Accelerator Engineering
Schroeder, Lee PhD Physics
Scott, Sara PhD Nuclear Engineering; Nonproliferation
Semmel, Andrew PhD Nonproliferation
Seward, Blake BS Nuclear Programs
Shepard, Ken PhD Accelerator Physics
Shotts, Wayne PhD National Security Programs
Sigmond, Ward PhD Nuclear Weapons Program Analysis
Sinichko, Mark MS Program Management
Smith, Ian BA Physics
Smith, Kevin MS Nuclear Programs
Smith, Vernon PhD Nuclear Physics
Snead, Lance PhD Materials Science
Snead, Lewis PhD Accelerator Physics
Stup, Tommy BS Computer Science
Sun, Antonia BS Cost Estimation
Talbert, Will PhD Physics
Tallerico, Paul PhD Electrical Engineering
Thompson, Major PhD Nuclear Materials
Thompson, Marion BS Materials Science Engineering
Trapp, Turner PhD Nuclear Engineering
Trost, Donald BA Program Assessment; Program Management
Van Fleet, James MS Nuclear Programs
Vandegrift, George PhD Inorganic Chemistry
Villa, Robert MS EVM
Visosky, Mark PhD Stockpile Stewardship
Walker, Bruce MS Nuclear Weapons Programs
Walthers, Charles MBA Mechanical Engineering
Ward, Thomas PhD Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Physics
Waters, Laurie PhD, MBA Nuclear Processing; Simulation and Modeling
Wenig, Anthony MBA Cost Engineering
Williams, Jeff MS Nuclear Waste Technology
Wilmot, Ed MS Nuclear Weapons Management
Wilton, Eloy BA Project Controls
Winchell, Don BS Nuclear Site Operations
Witherell, Deidre BS Facility Systems
Witt, Lawrence MS Nuclear Weapons Program Analysis
Wood, Rick MS Mechanical Engineering
Young, Lloyd PhD Accelerator Physics