Our Staff

TechSource personnel possess extensive experience and accomplishments in both the public and private sectors. Our consultants are recognized not only as unparalleled technical resources but also as world-class industry leaders and innovators. The following is a small sampling of our staff:

Name Degree Experience
Adkins, John BS Quality Assurance; Nuclear Codes and Standards
Alexander, Kathy PhD Strategic Deterrence RDT&E; Defense Science
Allen, George PhD Nuclear Weapons Enterprise
Altomare, Damon BS Computer Science; Database Design
Altschuler, Alan MS Systems Engineering; Modeling & Simulation
Anson, Douglas MS Counterproliferation
Aragon, Ezekiel BS Nuclear Weapons Systems
Axler, Keith PhD Pu Metallurgy; Pu Production
Bader, Chris BS Quality Assurance; Pu Operations
Ball, Jeanne MS Pit Manufacturing; Systems Engineering; Project Management
Balog, John AS Fabrication, Nuclear/Non-Nuclear Components
Barnes, Justin BS Decommissioning and Demolition; Nuclear Facility Operations; Pu Projects
Beach, Bill BS NRC Licensing; Program Management
Beckner, Everet PhD Physics; Nuclear Weapons Enterprise
Bedker, John PhD Organization and HR Development
Bergquist, Wilbur PhD Nuclear Weapons Quality Assurance; Training Development
Berkey, David MA Business Case Analysis; Quality Assurance; Environmental Safety & Health
Billison, John MBA Public Safety; Navajo Nation
Bisconti, Ann PhD Public Opinion and Communications Research in Nuclear Energy
Blair, Steve MS Non-Proliferation; Arms Control; Nuclear Matters
Blau, Mike PhD W-87 Pit Production; Pu Metallurgy/Fabrication
Bolton, Fred MS Weapons Systems Fabrication Procedures Development; Industrial Hygiene, Safety
Booth, Steven PhD Systems Engineering Analysis
Booth, Thomas PhD Modeling and Simulation; MCNP
Bos, Randall PhD Nuclear Weapon Effects Modeling and Simulation
Boslough, Mark PhD ImpactShock and Climate Physics; Planetary Defense
Bovee, Kevin BBA Program/Projects Management for Science and High Technology; Business Units Manager
Browne, John PhD Physics; National Laboratory Operations
Brunish, Wendee PhD Astrophysics; Nuclear Containment; Geodynamics
Bruns, Caroline BA Systems Engineering Analysis
Butler, Butler BS Pit Manufacturing; Manufacturing and Quality Engineering
Bynum, Richard Vann PhD Nuclear Weapons Programs; Pu Operations
Cantwell, Betsy PhD Non-Proliferation; Space Systems; Universities R&D
Cappiello, Charlene BS Nuclear Engineering; Critical Experiments
Cappiello, Michael MS Reactor Design; Fuels
Castro, Rich MS Nuclear Program Planning, Pit Manufacturing
Chen, Yu-Jiuan PhD Accelerator Physics
Christensen, Curtis MA, MBA Program Management Support to Pu Operations and Sustainment; Systems Engineering Management
Christensen, Dana PhD National Laboratories Operations; Pu Science
Christon, Mark PhD Fluid/Hydro Dynamics; Computational Mechanics; Simulation
Colasacco, James MA Nuclear Modernization; Nuclear Policy
Cornely, Dave PhD Emergency Preparedness/Management; Nuclear Facility Physical Security
Costa, David PhD Operational Readiness
Crandall, Ken BS Accelerator DesignModelingand Simulation
Crawford, John PhD Physics; Weapons Design; National Labs Operations
Cremers, Terry PhD Nuclear Materials Measurement; Materials Control & Accountability
D'Andrea, Brian MEE Systems Analysis; Organizational Evaluation
Dam, Scott MSMBA Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Facilities
Datres, Shawn Certified Physical Security Analysis
Dean, Frank MS Nuclear Weapons; Systems Engineering; Computational Modeling
Dennison, Dave MS Automation Engineering
Dismuke, Steven HS EVM; Project Controls
Dolin, Ronald PhD Pu Manufacturing; Directed Stockpile Work
Domzalski, Mark BS Nuclear Weapons Design, Testing, and Sustainment; Knowledge Management
Drake, Darrell PhD Nuclear Physics; Materials Effects
Driscoll, Laura Williams PhD Operations Analysis and Management
Eccleston, George PhD Nuclear Nonproliferation Technology
Eckelmeyer, Kenneth PhD Metallurgy; Nuclear Materials Science
Emery, Guy PhD Nuclear Physics and Research
Erickson, Dennis PhD Physics; Nuclear Science; Large Scale Operations
Estep, Robert PhD Nuclear Materials Detection; Radiography
Farish, Thomas ScD Systems Engineering; Nuclear Engineering
Fearey, Bryan PhD Nuclear WeaponsNuclear Policy AdvisorNonproliferation
Fienup, Jim PhD Imaging Science
Freedman, Jerry PhD Strategic Weapons Programs; Pu Technologies
Freer, Jerry BS Pit/Pu Foundry/Assembly Process Engineering
Freiboth, Cameron MS Nuclear Facility/Production Operations
Freitag, Albert MS Nuclear Facility Design/Operations; NRC Licensing
Fugate, Bob PhD Optical Systems; Ground to Space Applications
Garner, Frank DSC Nuclear Materials/Radiation Analysis
Garnett, Bob PhD Accelerator Physics; Accelerator Design, Simulation, and Operations
Gavron, Victor PhD Nuclear Physics; Threat Reduction and Non-Proliferation
Gears, Jerry MS Advanced Reactor Development
George, Tim MA Pu Science and Technology; Pit Production
Giangiuli, Jeffrey MS Decision Analysis; BRAC; Nuclear Operations
Gibbs, William (Scott) MS National Laboratory Operations; Threat Reduction
Gilbert, Bob PhD Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Materials Testing
Gittings, Michael BS Mechanical Engineering; Code Architecture
Godbee, Dennis BS Federal Construction Projects; Nuclear Safety Systems, Safeguards
Goetzman, Charlie (Rudy) MS National Lab Program Design and Planning
Grant, Stephen MS Electrical Engineering; Fire Sets and Microcircuitry
Gray, Douglas A. BS Chemical Engineering ; Independent Cost Review; Independent Cost Estimates; External Independent Reviews
Greenberg, Ray BS Federal Government Organization Analysis
Gruber, Chris MBA Cost Engineering; Nuclear Projects
Gruenwald, Thomas PhD Particle Physics; Decision Analysis
Guidice, Stephen MS Nuclear Weapons Complex Management
Haeckel, Ron MBA Nuclear Weapons Management and Security
Hagelberg, Carl PhD Applied Mathematics; Nuclear Weapons Threat Assessment
Hagelberg, Stephanie BS Chemistry
Hagerty, Dean MBABS Nuclear and Fossil Power
Halsey, Bill PhD Advanced Nuclear Energy Technology
Harvey, John PhD Defense and Nuclear Deterrence Policy; Defense Science
Heighway, Edward PhD Accelerator Based Systems; Strategic Defense
Heisler, Bruce Logistics/Inventory Management and Operations; Cargo Operations
Henderson, Dale PhD Theoretical Physics
Hendricks, John PhD Nuclear Modeling and Simulation; MCNP
Henry, S. Steve MSMA Nuclear Matters
Hermann, Brian Certification NNSA Policy; Quality Assurance
Herzog, James Certification Law Enforcement; US Coast Guard; Boat Operations
Hickman, Mike MBA Nuclear Enterprise Construction
Higbee, Joseph MS Program and Budget Analysis; Project Controls
Hill, John MS Nuclear Weapons; Navy Strategic Programs
Hollen, Robert MS Weapons Engineering; Pu Manufacturing; Systems Engineering
Hopkins, John PhD Environmental Engineering; Uranium Cleanup
Houlton, Robert AA Applied Sciences
Hsu, Hsiao-Hua PhD Nuclear Physics; Health Physics
Idar, Deanne PhD Global Security; Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction; International Nuclear Policy Advisor
Immele, John PhD Nuclear Weapons Programs
Ireland, John MS Nuclear Engineering; Project Management
Jackson, Joseph MS Nuclear Systems Analysis; Modeling & Simulation
Jarboe, David BS Pit Production; Materials Engineering
Jardine, Les PhD Nuclear Engineering; Nonproliferation Arms Control
Johnson, Bob PhD Materials Science; Nuclear Systems Materials; Space Power
Johnson, Amy MBA NMC&A; Safeguards and Security; NRC Licensing
Juzaitis, Ray PhD Nuclear Weapons Physics
Kelley, Patrick MSE Cryogenics Engineering; Accelerator Applications
Kindel, Joseph PhD Nuclear Weapons Science
Kinzer, Jackson MS Program Management; Construction Risk Analysis
Kizer, Sheri BS Project Controls
Klement, Russell BS Quality Engineer; Certified Quality Auditor (CQA)
Klosterbuer, Shirley MS Computer Science; International Safeguards
Knapp, Corey MS Nuclear Weapons Engineering; Safety and Surety
Knapp, Malcolm PhD NRC SME
Kobusingye, Florence BS Project Management (PMP); Information Technology
Koterski, Nikole PhD CBRN SME; Policy, Science, and Programs
Krupa, Dana MA DOE O 413.3; Cost Assessment
Lambert, Alison MABSBA Environmental Liabilities SME; Project Management; Cost Estimation
Laughton, Christopher PhD Underground Design and Construction; Excavation Engineering SME
Lawrence, George PhD Accelerator Physics and Design
Levin, Adam MS Spent Fuel; Reactor Decommissioning
Lienert, Thomas PhD Nuclear Materials Science; WeldingMetallurgyLasers
Lisowski, Paul PhD Nuclear Energy and Science; Accelerator Operations
Longenbaugh, Cindy MS Weapons Quality/Product Acceptance
Lopez, Thomas AS Electrical Engineering; Electronic Design
Lowry, Mark PhD Physics
Macek, Robert PhD Particle Physics; Accelerator Technology
Mangum, Doug MS Nuclear Weapons Design Engineering
Mann, David PhD Pit Production; Weapons Quality
Mara, Glenn MA Nuclear Weapons Programs
Martin, Joanne BS Nuclear and Accelerator Facility Operations; Infrastructure Projects; Planning
Martinez, James MS Nuclear Deterrence; Weapons Systems Design and Development
Martinez, Michael MS Nuclear Weapons Systems Analysis; Major Systems Acquisition; ISR; NC3
Massey, William PhD Nuclear Safety and Reactor Analysis
Matthews, Roy MS Nuclear Weapons Council Support Team Manager; Stockpile Stewardship
McCown, Andy PhD Energy Systems Analysis; Risk and Interdependence Analysis
McDuff, Glenn PhD Electrical Engineering; Weapons Surety and Response
McKerley, Bill MS Actinide Chemistry; Nuclear Facility Design
McKinley, Melanie MS Data Analytics; Chemical Engineering
McLaughlin, Tom PhD Nuclear Criticality
Mendoza, Paul PhD Analytical Chemistry; Special Nuclear Materials
Meyers, John MS Nuclear Assurance; Nuclear Programs Management; DOE M&O Transition
Miller, Mark PhD Weapons Engineering; Weapons Stockpile
Moore, Michael MA Facilities and Assets Management
Morris, Marvin PhD Electromagnetics; EMP SME
Moseley, Charles MS Nuclear Quality Assurance; NQA-1; M&O Operations
Moses, Edward PhD Physics; Lasers; Separations
Nath, Subrata PhD Accelerator Technology
Needham, Greg PhD Satellite Technology; Electro-optics
Nials, Marvin BS Warehouse Operations and Logistics
Nickelson, Pat BA Federal Real Property Analysis
Novicio, Raynaldo BS Computer Science
Oliff, Dale MBA DOE O 413.3; Federal Project Management
Ostic, James (Jim) MS Pit Production; Systems Engineering; Program Management
Palmieri, Tom PhD Strategic Planning; Energy and Nuclear Technology
Papinako, Asya MS Fossil Power Plant Design/Costing; Risk Analysis
Paternoster, Richard PhD Nuclear Nonproliferation; Nuclear Technologies
Patterson, Alan MS Materials Science; Welding; IAEA Inspection
Perea, Jacob MBABS Nuclear Weapons Engineering; Weapons Programs
Peterson, Edward HS Accelerator Fabrication
Picha, Ken MS Nuclear Environmental Management Programs and Projects
Ponton, David BS Nuclear Weapons; Stockpile Activities
Preston, Dean PhD Physics; Physics Modeling
Prinja, Anil PhD Nuclear Engineering; Stochastic Neutronics
Prueitt, Ethan MBA EVM; Project Controls
Radosevich, Charles BS Pit Production Process Development
Rasin, Bill BS Nuclear Engineering; Power; Plant Design
Rathke, John BSE Accelerator Engineering; Design and Fabrication
Redmond, Bill MA Legislative Affairs; Native American Initiatives
Repa, Joseph MS Defense Technology; Weapons Programs
Rhone, James BS Program Management; Nuclear Engineering
Roberts, Jeffrey PhD Advanced Energy and Technology Transfer
Rose, Evan PhD Physics; Nuclear Forensics
Roth, Mark MA Global Nuclear Power Analysis and Planning
Sanchez, Phillip HS Project Scheduling and Controls
Sanders, Eric MS DoD Satellite Flight Systems Engineering; Project Management
Savage, Buzz MS Nuclear Fuel Cycle; Nuclear Programs
Scarpetti, Raymond (Ray) MS Weapons Physics; Accelerator Technology
Schneider, David MS Accelerator Systems; Technology Development
Schneider, Ralph F. PhD Physics; Nuclear Threat; Stockpile Stewardship
Schrage, Dale PhD Accelerator Engineering; Design and Development
Schroeder, Lee PhD Physics; National Science Advisor
Scott, Sara PhD Nuclear Engineering; Nonproliferation; Commercial Energy
Semmel, Andrew PhD International Nuclear Nonproliferation SME
Seward, Blake BS Nuclear Programs; Project and Cost Engineering
Shepard, Ken PhD Accelerator Physics; Superconducting Accelerator Technology
Shotts, Wayne PhD National Security Programs; Homeland Security
Shulock, Barry JD Corporate General Counsel; Human Resources Management
Sigmond, Ward PhD Nuclear Weapons Science Programs Analysis
Sinichko, Mark MS Project Management; DOE O413.3; DOE Budget Analysis
Smith, Ian BA Physics; Pulse Power Applications
Smith, Kevin MS Nuclear Programs; National Federal Programs Management
Smith, Vernon PhD Accelerator Technologies; Ion Source Development
Snead, Lance PhD Radiation Materials Science; Fuels
Snead, Lewis PhD Accelerator Physics
Specht, James AAS Cryogenics; Accelerator Physics
St. Ledger, John ME Nuclear Systems Modeling and Simulation
Stup, Tommy BS Operating and CFS Systems Programming; Hardware/Software Integration
Sun, Antonia BS Cost Estimation; Cost Control; Systems Design
Talbert, Will PhD Physics; Nuclear Materials; Target Design
Tallerico, Paul PhD Electrical Engineering; Accelerator Technology
Thompson, Major PhD Nuclear Materials; Actinide Technology/Pu
Thompson, Marion BS Materials Science Engineering; Nuclear Fuels; Safety
Trapp, Turner PhD Nuclear Engineering; Pu Operations
Trost, Donald BA Program Assessment; Nuclear Weapons Enterprise; Federal Real Property
Trujillo, Gilbert BBA Production and Operation Management; Management Information System; EVM
Van Fleet, James MS Nuclear Programs; Nuclear Weapons Science
Vandegrift, George PhD Separations Chemistry and Engineering; Mo-99
Vanier, Peter PhD Materials Science; Nonproliferation
Venkatesh, Srini PhD Chemical Engineering; SEI; Materials/Pit Production; Environmental Management
Vidlack, Anton (Tony) MS Nuclear Weapons Systems DT&E
Villa, Robert MS EVM Strategy and Design
Visosky, Mark PhD Stockpile Stewardship; R&D Program Management
Walker, Bruce MS Nuclear Weapons Programs
Walthers, Charles MBA; BS Cryogenics and Tritium Systems Engineering
Ward, Thomas PhD Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Physics
Waters, Laurie PhD Nuclear Processing; Simulation and Modeling; MCNP
Wenig, Anthony MBA Cost Engineering; Financial Modeling
Whipple, Arthur (Art) BS Procurement Engineering; Supply Chain; DoD Systems Engineering
Williams, Jeff MS Nuclear Waste Technology
Wilmot, Ed MS Nuclear Weapons Management and Operations; Quality Assurance
Wilton, Eloy BA Project Controls
Winchell, Don BS Nuclear Site Operations
Witherell, Deidre BS Facility Systems
Witt, Lawrence MS Nuclear Weapons Program Analysis; Surety
Young, Lloyd PhD Accelerator Physics; Modeling and Simulation; Code Development