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  • Hundreds of subject matter experts with decades of science and engineering experience.
  • A preeminent resource for independent, expert advice and analysis spanning national policy to laboratory test bench.

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  • Hard to find science and engineering expertise to successfully bridge technical requirements and management constraints.
  • Decades of hands-on science and engineering expertise to national labs, universities, and commercial industry.

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  • Your success is our success.
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TechSource, in concert with our clients, has created formalized Weapons Knowledge Preservation and Transfer (WKPT) pathways ensuring that embedded institutional knowledge and experience is preserved and transferred in a manner to the workers of the future.

WKPT 1000+ Students
WKPT 28% Improvement in Knowledge
WKPT 10 Classes Available
WKPT 30+ Years Average Instructor Experience

TechSource's WKPT experts have decades of experience, from across the Nuclear Security Enterprise, covering the entirety of the nuclear weapons lifecycle. Our experts possess the experience and credentials essential to successfully conduct seminars and mentor staff.

Adaptable delivery allows any module to be conducted in person at our facilities, at your site, or remotely.

Our People Are Our Strength

Your People. Our Support. Unstoppable.

When you need practical experience in discrete technical areas or knowledge domains, support can be hard to come by. That’s where we come in. The foundation of our world-class expertise is built on advanced academic achievements with approximately 80% of our core technical staff possessing Masters and Ph.Ds.

The experience of our highly qualified experts exceeds an average of 35 years. Many of our experts possess clearances.

Our focus is on technical and scientific projects of national significance.

The World’s Smartest Organizations Use TechSource
 Organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on TechSource's expertise
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We define true success not by the bottom line but by leaving each client in a better place.

We are devoted to building the best and most innovative scientific and engineering firm in the nation, placing our clients first, and driving growth in a manner that respects and benefits the communities in which we work and live.

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ABQ Top Workplace Award 2023

Los Alamos, NM. Three Years In a Row! TechSource Earns 2023 Top Workplaces New Mexico Award

Washington Post Top Workplace Award 2023

Germantown, MD. TechSource Earns Top Workplace Recognition for Second Year in a Row by Washington Post

TechSource, Inc. Mourns the Death of Board Member James Stout

It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing of our friend and fellow Board Member, Jim Stout.



At the Nuclear Deterrence Conference 2020, TechSource experts along with NNSA’s Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs shared their insights on the Weapons Complex from the beginnings of Manhattan Project to what the future may hold in store. The speakers, who have all been engaged in the Enterprise for the last 30 plus years, bring a perspective that can’t be missed.

Our leading expert on Counterproliferation Ret. Major General Doug Anson provides his insights


TechSource CEO shares the company’s vision on Talk Business radio in a 4 min. video.

CEO shares vision

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We are passionate about our people because we know our people are what drives our success.

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Thought Leaders

Dr. Thomas Ward from TechSource and Dr. Hafez Radi of Egypt proved that speed of light in all uniformly moving inertial reference frames is absolute as postulated by Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. This proof, a breakthrough in the scientific community, was published in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences Journal.

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Flying 40 Award

Commitment to Excellence Honored: TechSource Inc. Tapped for the 10th Time as One of New Mexico’s Top Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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