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Analysis of Alternatives/Business Case Analyses

For all major decisions facing DOE and NNSA, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) is standard practice. TechSource experts have successfully performed AoA’s and Business Case Analyses (BCAs) for NNSA and DOE for over a decade. Our experts utilize a comprehensive approach that looks at not only the cost of alternatives but also at mission risks. Our integrated teams of cost experts, project managers, scientists, and engineers understand the end game—the actual operation under consideration. Our proven approach leads to a more robust analysis and improved understanding of the challenges these important decisions must address. Our exceptional performance in this area was recognized by NNSA when TechSource was named a “Small Business of the Day”.

TechSource stands ready to help on any AoA or BCA issue you are facing. For more information, contact Don Trost at 703-216-6508.