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Nuclear Science & Engineering

The design and operation of nuclear facilities requires specialized expertise and hands-on experience. TechSource experts have outstanding capabilities in nuclear facility engineering, design, systems engineering, operations analysis, supporting infrastructure, planning, and high and low-level radioactive waste management. Our teams' technical and project management assistance, licensing support, and cost and schedule analysis are key to our customers meeting their operations and project challenges. TechSource experts have performed design analyses and reviews for new spent fuel dry storage facilities, new spent fuel cask rail transportation systems, and new and operational nuclear and chemical process facilities.

TechSource experts use their decades of nuclear science and engineering experience to make profound contributions to the research required in applied areas of accelerator physics, nuclear physics, advanced reactor technologies, nuclear fuels, materials and chemical separations, materials protection accountability and control technologies, and spent fuel and waste disposition. For more information, contact John Meyers at 706-755-4333.