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Public Safety

We all depend on our departments of public safety (DPS) to promptly and effectively provide for the safety and security of our communities and families. However, public safety infrastructures are often severely outdated and poorly maintained. If critical 911 systems do not meet current communication standards, they may not adequately protect the public. TechSource public safety experts have proven experience designing, installing, and commissioning effective state-of-the-art public safety systems. We start by executing business process mapping across all departments within a DPS to specifically identify the current “as-is state” versus the future desired and optimized “to-be state”. Our experts then develop an actionable DPS Strategic Plan based on operational and management goals as well as practical budgetary realities. From command staff to the records division, dispatch to investigations, and patrol to evidence; we specify, install, and support the unique software and hardware that ensures personnel throughout a department work productively, safely, and efficiently. TechSource experts interconnect vital data sources assuring continuity of operations and allowing departments to enforce the law and improve the quality of life for all citizens.

TechSource stands ready to help you solve your public safety system challenges. For more information, contact Kevin Bovee at 505-539-3856.