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Modeling & Simulation

Whether you are devising advanced health care strategies using radiation, protecting workers or patients from negative effects of radiation or developing sophisticated tools to detect threats of intentional radiation dispersion, the need for simulating the interaction of radiation in matter requires expert understanding and use of a wide variety of tools. From simple attenuation models to parameterizations, to complex Monte Carlo and deterministic methods, TechSource experts have years of direct experience using complex calculations, coding, software, and modeling to find the answers you need to overcome technical barriers and achieve your mission. We have experience in a wide range of applications and can tailor that expertise to meet your specific transport modeling challenge. We are particularly strong in the use of Monte Carlo codes such as MCNP6 and GEANT, along with tools such as VisEd, SWORD, GADRAS, and deterministic codes such as Denovo.

TechSource stands ready to help on any Modeling & Simulation challenge you are facing. For more information, contact Kevin Bovee at 505-539-3856