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Our corporate activities are based in excellence, as established by our Founders, Pierre Grand and Tom Ward, who believed—as we do—that all TechSource employees should work to achieve results that exceed our customer’s expectations. To that end, our management philosophy is based on the creation of sustainable growth through results-oriented activities, quality products, and outstanding client service. We believe true success is only possible by enduring investment in our people, by fostering an environment that demands innovative actions and ideas, and by continually seeking out and implementing new technological solutions. Each day we do our best to add value to our clients’ projects and programs using a prudent approach towards business, while at the same time being entrepreneurial, trustworthy, and diligent.

President and CEO
President & CEO
Don Trost
Executive Vice President
Chief Development Officer
Thomas Ward
Vice President
Chairman, Board of Directors
Jeffrey E. Giangiuli
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer
James Rhone
Member of Board of Directors
Everet Beckner
Member of Board of Directors
Steve Henry
Member of Board of Directors
Raymond J. Juzaitis
Member of Board of Directors