Our Staff

TechSource consultants possess extensive experience and accomplishments in both the public and private sectors. Our consultants are recognized not only as unparalleled technical resources but also as world-class industry leaders and innovators. The following is a small sampling of our staff:

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Alberstein, David M.S. Nuclear Engineering; Power Engineering, Nuclear Materials, Reactor Design, Fuels, Non-Proliferation, Regulatory Compliance, ES&H
Baginski, Thomas Ph.D. Electrical Eng.; Miniaturization of Electronic Circuitry, Electrochemical Applications, Detonator Design
Beckner, Everett Ph.D. Physics; Nuclear Weapons Complex, Nuclear Science, Former Head of NNSA Defense Programs
Bedker, John Ph.D. Managemen (Organizational Behavior), Business Analysis; Organization Development & Transformation, Management
Bergeron, Peter B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Cost Engineering & Estimating, Construction Management
Berkey, David M.A. Economics; Business Case Analysis; Cost Estimation; Safety; QA; Organization/Policy Analysis
Boggs, Ben M.S. Electrical Engineering; Nuclear Facilities Design, Construction, Operations; DOE Project Management
Browne, John Ph.D. Physics; Former Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Accelerator Science
Bulmahn, Kenneth B.S.M.E. Safety Analyst, EISs, SARs, DSAs, USQs, Risk Assessments, NRC SARs, Accident Analysis, Safety Basis, Compliance Assessment, Licensing
Butler, Tom
M.S. Aerospace; Space Flight Systems, Seismic and Structural Analysis, Nuclear Facilities Safety
Cappiello, Charlene B.S. Applied Math.; Nuclear Engineering, R&D Mechanical Design Critical Experiments, Reactor Operator
Cappiello, Michael M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Engineering, Fast Reactor Design, Reactor Safety, Reactor Design/Analysis, Space Applications, Fuels, Transmutation, Large Scale Program Integration
Clausen, Max MBA Nuclear Engineering; Federal Projects Management, NRC, Project Controls Cliche, Carl M.S. Chemistry; Nuclear Fuels, MOX-Pu-Be, Technology Strategy
Crandall, Ken B.S. Physics; Linear Accelerator Computational Simulation, RFQ Design, PARMTEQ, Modeling
Crane, Mike Ph.D. Chemical Engineering; Nuclear Facilities and Operations, Safety Engineering and Design
Crawford, John Ph.D. Physics; Weapons Design, Nuclear Simulation, Power Systems, Former Deputy Director of Sandia National Laboratories
Criscuolo, Al M.S.E.E. Control Systems; Data Acquisition/Control System Hardware/Software Design; Digital/Analog Design
Croley, Bob M.S. Nuclear Engineering & Operations; Project Controls, Safety Basis, Design Authority, Licensing
Curtiss, Joseph M.S. Electrical Engineering; High Power Electrical Safety, MCP&A, Instrumentation
Coward,George B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Facility Management, Large Scale Project Controls
Dam, Scott M.E./MBA Mechanical Engineering; PE Cert., Nuclear Fuel Cycle; Generation, Spent Fuel, and Waste Facilities
D’Andrea, Brian M.E.E. Environmental Engineering; Systems Analysis, Program Management, Organizational Evaluation, Emergency Preparedness, Lean Manufacturing, Large Scale Program Planning; DoD Major Systems Acquisition
Datres, Shawn Cert. Special Forces; Physical Security Planning, Assessment, Response; Material Protection Control and Accounting; Russian Language
Dow, Jerry M.S. Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering; Nuclear Weapons Design, Engineering, & Testing, Accident Response, Dismantlement, Safety
Drake, Darrell Ph.D. Physics; Experimental Nuclear Physics Applied to Accelerators and Space Exploration, NASA
Erickson, Dennis Ph.D. Physics; Pulsed Power/Magnetic Fields, High-hazard Facilities; ES&H; Policy Support, Weapons Technology, National Laboratory Operations
Flannery, Stephen M.S. Civil Engineering; Energy Industry, Cost Engineer, Estimating, Analysis, & Controls
Frazier, Don M.P.P. Chemistry, Public Policy; Organization Evaluation & Development, Systems Analysis
Freedman. Jerry Ph.D. Theoretical & Applied Mechanics; Strategic Weapons Safety/Security/Reliability; Pu Technologies; Large Scale National Defense Programs
Garner, Frank D.Sc. Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Mat’ls/Radiation Damage; Int’l Nuclear Matters; Consequence Analysis
Gears, Jerry M.S. Biological Science/Systems Ecology; Nuclear Plant/Facilities Licensing Project and Program Manager; NNSA ES&H, QA, and SEAB; former NRC Sr. Operating Project Manager
Grant, Stephen M.S. Electrical Engineering; Miniature, High Voltage/High-Energy Fire Sets; Micro-circuitry, Testing
Greenberg, Ray B.S. Behavioral/Social Sciences; Human Capital SME; Over 25 yrs exp.; former Director of NNSA human capital/workforce planning; acquisition planning
Grissom, Milt M.S. Mechanical Engineering; former LLNL Site 300 Manager; Weapons Engineering, Testing, Evaluation
Grunder, Herman Ph.D. Physics; Former Director of Argonne National Laboratory
Guidice, Stephen M.S. Engineering/Management Science; Strategic Weapons Complex; NEPA; Nat’l Programs Management
Haeckel, Ron MBA Mathematics; USAF Flag Officer; Major Programs Planning; Nuclear Programs Planning
Hendricks, John Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering; Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport codes, MCNP/MCNPX; Large-Scale Computation, Neutron, Photon, and Electron Particle Transport, Radiation Shielding, and Nuclear Data.
Hopkins, John Ph.D. Physics; Nuclear Weapons Programs, Arms Control & Disarmament
Hsu, Hsiao-Hua Ph.D. Nuclear Physics; Science, & Health Physics
Immele, John Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Weapons Programs, National Security/Nonproliferation SME, Former Deputy Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory
Jardine, Les Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering; Nonproliferation/Arms Control, Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Johnson, Bob Ph.D. Material Science; Nuclear Systems Materials, Space Power Systems
Johnston, Paul A.D. Science; Special Forces Operations, Physical Security; Vulnerability Assessments, Security Efficiency Assessments, Simulation and Exercises, WMD Training
Joseph, Rich Ph.D. Physics; High Technologies Program Development, DOE/NASA/DoD, Remote Sensor Development
Kaczynski, Don Ph.D. Minerals Processing & Metallurgical Engineering; Nationally Recognized Beryllium SME
Kelley, Patrick M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering; Cryogenic System and Component Development, Design, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning and Operation; Accelerator Applications
Kindinger, John M.S. Management of Tech.; Mechanical Engineering; Quantitative Risk Analysis Methodology and Application; Nuclear/Non-Nuclear Power Plant Design/Construction; Systems Engineering
Klosterbruer, Shirley M.S. Computer Science; Software/Instrumentation Development, Int’l Safeguards, Systems Integration & Installation, Linac Instrumentation, Remote Instruments
Knapp, Corey M.S. Electrical Eng.; Nuclear Weapons Systems SME; Safety and Denial SME; former Sandia Site Weapons Systems Director; former Director, Surety Assessment Center
Knapp, Malcolm Ph.D. Chemical Engineering; Nuclear Safety, Waste Management, Licensing, Emergency Preparedness; Former NRC Deputy Executive Director
Krupa, Dana M.A. Nat’l Security, Architecture, PMP, R&D Oversight, Congressional Affairs, DNFSB Liaison, Nuclear Weapons Complex, Facilities, Cost Assessment, Project Management
Lawrence, George Ph.D. Nuclear Physics; Linear Accelerator Design SME, former Deputy Director of the Accelerator Production of Tritium Technology Project Office
Lopez, Thomas A.D. Electronic Engineering Tech.; Electronic Design, Production, Fielding, Testing, and Commissioning of Instrumentation and Control Systems, Detectors, Trigger Systems, and Experiments
Macek, Robert Ph.D. Particle Physics; Accelerator Physics & Technology; Atomic and Particle Physics; Beam Dynamics and Transport; Accelerator Facilities
Massey, William Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Safety Analysis, Material Transportation, Reactor Analysis
Mausshardt, Don M.E. Chemical Processing/Civil Engineering; NRC Licensing SME, former Chief of Staff for EPA Administrator
McBride, Curt LLM/JD Law; Mechanical Engineering; former Chief Counsel National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)
McDuff, Glenn Ph.D. Physics; P.E. Cert; Electrical Eng.; Weapons Surety/Response; High Voltage/Pulse Power; Elec./Mech. Design
McKenzie-Wilson, Ray M.E. Mechanical/Electrical Engineering; Design/Construction Prototype Beam Capture, Accel. Cavities/Systems
McLaughlin, Tom Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering/Physics; Criticality Safety and Assessment, Emergency Response
Molvig, Kim Ph.D. Physics; Physical Processes Modeling & Simulation, Weapons Physics, Magnetic Fusion
Moseley, Charles M.S. Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Safety SME; QA/10 CFR & NQA-1 SME; DOE M&O Ops.; Reg. Compliance
Nickelson, Pat B.A. Real Estate; Federal Real Property Analysis & Policy
Ollif, Dale MBA Economics; Scheduling, Control, Assessment; Systems Analysis, Quality Management
Overskei, David Ph.D. Physics; Corporate & Government Strategic Analysis/Planning; Fusion Technology
Papinako, Asya M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Fossil Power Plant Design and Costing, Risk Analysis, Russian Projects
Peddicore, Lee Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Fuels, Pu, Hydrogen, & Space Power Systems, Professor of Nuclear Engineering
Powell, James Ph.D. Nuclear Physics & Engineering; Laser Fusion, Nuclear Programs, former Nevada Test Site Manager; Weapons
Rasin, Bill B.S. Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Power Industry SME, Nuclear Plant Design/Safety, Reg. Compliance
Rhone, James B.S. Aquatic Biology; Emergency Manage., Environmental Rad. Surveillance, Chemistry, Program Manage.
Roth, Mark M.A. European & Middle Eastern Studies; Economic Modeling; Global Nuclear Power Analysis and Planning
Russell, Gary Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering; Neutronics Calcs., Spallation Physics, Pulsed Spallation, Spallation Targets/Systems
Salazar, Luis M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Nuclear Weapons Engineering SME; Production Engineer; former Los Alamos National Laboratory, Deputy Associate Director for Weapons Engineering and Manufacturing
Schafstall, Patrick   Accelerator and Test Engineering, Mechanical. Technician, High Power Equipment Testing & Fielding
Schneider, David M.S. Physics; Accelerator Technology; Space Applications; Ion Source SME; Large Scale High Technology Programs/Project Planning and Management
Shotts, Wayne Ph.D. Solid State Physics; Former LLNL Deputy Director for Operations; Nuclear Weapons Program SME; Homeland Security Programs
Schrage, Dale Ph.D. Aeronautical Engineering; Machine Design, Thermo Science, Normal & Superconducting Linear Accelerators
Seward, Blake B.S. Mechanical-Aerospace; Nuclear Material Containers, Cost Engineering, Project Management, MOX
Shepard, Ken Ph.D. Physics; Superconducting Linear Accelerators and Associated Technology Development and Construction; Fellow of the American Physical Society
Sherman, Joseph Ph.D. Chemistry; Accelerators, Ion Source, Injectors, Beam Transport, Diagnostics, PBGUNS
Sherwood, George Ph.D. Physics; NRC Licensing, Environ. Engineering, NEPA, Nuclear Safety Engineering
Sinichko, Mark M.S. Business Administration; Engineering Science & Mechanics; DOE Order 413.3; DOE Budget; Project Management
Slemmons, Hazel B.S. Business Admin.; Program/Project Analyst; Budget; Environmental; Public Involvement Specialist
Smith, Vernon Ph.D. Nuclear Physics; Ion Source SME; Accelerator Technologies; Mechanical & Pulse Power; Accelerator Ops.
Stovall, Jim M.S. Electrical Engineering; LINAC Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, & Commissioning
Suda, Sylvester M.S. Mathematics & Physics; Nuclear Mat’ls; Russian Programs Material Protection, Control and Accounting (MPC&A); IAEA Safeguards
Talbert, Will Ph.D. Physics; Target Design, Astrophysics & Radiation, Radiochemistry, Accelerator Technology, Safeguards Assay, Nuclear Materials
Taylor, Royce M.A. Business Management; Public Admin., Industrial Engineering, Weapons Plant Ops, High Explosive Eng., QA
Thompson, Marion B.S. Material Science Engineering; Nuclear Fuel Design & Processing, MOX, Nuclear Safety
Thompson, Major Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry; Actinide Technology; Pu and MOX; Spent Fuel; Separations
Trost, Donald B.A. Political Science; Federal Real Property SME, Worker Transition, Program Assessment, Project Management
Van Fleet, James M.S. Management, Mechanical Engineering; Power Industry, NNSA Science Program SME, former Director for the Office of Defense Science
Venkatesh, Srini Ph.D. Chemical Engineering; MBA; System Engineering and Technology Integration; Weapons Complex Planning
Verzino, Bill Ph.D. Chemistry; Space Materials, Instrumentation & Launch Operations; Global Position System; Law Enforcement
Walthers, Charles MBA Mechanical Engineering, Heat Transfer; Vacuum, Cryogenics and Tritium Engineering; System Designer
Ward, Thomas Ph.D. Nuclear Chemistry; Nuclear Physics, Radiation Effects, Materials Science, Environmental Science
Wilson, Mahlon Ph.D. Nuclear/Mechanical Engineering; Accelerator Facilities, Hydrodynamic Testing, Railroad Technologies
Witherell, Deidre B.S. Engineering; PE & PMI; Facility Systems Design and Engineering; Infrastructure Construction Management
Wood, Rick M.S. Mechanical Engineering; Design, Fabrication, and Testing of LINACs; High Energy Physics Applications
Young, Lloyd Ph.D. Physics; Linear Accelerator Design, Modeling & Simulation, Code Development

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