A Message from Our President and CEO

Brian D'Andrea, president and CEO of TechSource

Welcome to TechSource. I appreciate your interest in us, and this opportunity to introduce our capabilities to you. I’m confident you’ll find what I’ve come to strongly believe—TechSource is a remarkable resource for unparalleled scientific and engineering knowledge and experience. Our extensive expertise is the direct result of our outstanding support to the nation’s most challenging research and development programs and projects.

For more than a decade, we’ve been deploying our experts’ unique perspectives and experience in the pursuit of value-added solutions for our customers. As a result, our reputation, our expertise, and our customer base continues to broaden and our cohort of professionals to expand.

Our cohort includes over 600 senior-level scientists, engineers, and industry leaders from the national laboratories, federal technology programs, and the nuclear industry. Our experts each have over 30 years of experience and are recognized as independently qualified personnel whose advice and products are accepted as authoritative and unbiased. We are proud that almost two-thirds of our consultants have been with us for a decade or more—a particularly remarkable statistic for a firm in the high-technology field.

TechSource began as a very small, exclusive group of linear particle accelerator experts. We now address a broad range of nuclear science and engineering subjects including: physical security, weapons of mass destruction, space-based technologies, business case analysis, management, and policy. We have also assembled numerous teams for designing and developing nuclear technologies such as targetry, accelerator diagnostics, neutron generation, modeling/simulation improvements and their associated technologies.

Because of our broad and deep expertise in exceptional scientific and engineering disciplines and experiences, we have also developed a unique perspective and capability in systems engineering and systems integration. We are accomplishing all of this with very experienced and very highly skilled experts.

As we continue to serve our current clients, engage new clients, and expand our cohort, we remain true to and emphasize our corporate values of focusing on technical and scientific projects of national importance, retaining qualified experts and industry leaders, and providing the best solutions in a lean management environment.

We make this promise to all of our current and future clients: We will remain steadfastly focused on your goals and we will work hard every day to ensure that the issues of national importance that you are charged with solving are moved closer to a proven and cost-effective resolution.

Thank you for visiting the TechSource website.

Brian D'Andrea, president and CEO of TechSource
V. Brian D’Andrea

President and CEO