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Techsource logoFrom inception we wanted TechSource’s logo to embody our company’s key characteristics of proven expert knowledge, cultivated through decades of hands onexperience with complex matters, delivered through trusted partnerships. It is from these core characteristics and the influence of our southwest roots that we selected images with Native American attributes. There are two major components to our logo: the eye of the medicine man and the arrow.

Techsource logoThe eye of the medicine man symbol is made up of three components: two rhombuses and an eye. The outer, larger rhombus, is emblematic of our understanding of complex systems. The inner, smaller rhombus, reflects our commitment to the individual customer and our respect and support of individual personnel.

Techsource logoThe eye, in the center of the rhombuses, signifies our ability to clearly discern the complex factors that drive projects of national significance. To best reflect our company’s technical expertise we modified the black dot or eye into a star-burst to signify our focus on the nuclear sciences and their related engineering fields while maintaining the core meaning of symbol – wisdom.

For the second component of our logo, we placed an arrow shooting out of the
Techsource logorhombuses to show a clear path forward, focused energy, and magnitude of thought. This ties perfectly to our operating approach of clearly defining the project with our clients (clarity); assigning highly skilled and experience personnel(focused energy); to deliver comprehensive products that are relevant and executable (magnitude of thought).

Techsource logoWhen these key design elements are combined they become much more than our logo – they become a representation of what we, at TechSource, strive to achieve for our clients and ourselves everyday.