TechSource provides expertise covering the entire Nuclear Materials Management Life Cycle. Our experience spans the extreme ends of the life cycle from basic research into the structure of nuclear reactions and physics at the atomic level to planning and engineering of nuclear materials disposition. We are particularly adept at integrating science and engineering expertise with management experience. Our experts are highly skilled at addressing and successfully overcoming emerging challenges and obstacles.

We divide our business groups into five distinct areas of expertise: Nuclear Fuels and Strategic Nuclear Materials, Nuclear Physics and Applications, Accelerator Engineering and Science, Program Integration and Project Management, and Business Case Analysis.


Nuclear Fuels & Strategic Nuclear Materials

A number of our staff, consultants, and collaborators have dedicated their entire careers to all aspects of production, handling, storage, and transportation of nuclear fuels and other nuclear materials. Techsource: Nuclear Fuels & Strategic Nuclear MaterialsWe have handled most primary and ancillary policy, management, and technical issues. Our deep and broad expertise includes waste-stream handling and long-term storage; plutonium and actinides chemistry; tritium chemistry; tritium production; reactor operations; tritium extraction and handling; uranium handling; and nuclear facility design, construction, management, and operation and maintenance. [ more ]

Nuclear Physics & Applications

TechSource has across-the-board experience and capabilities in low- and high-energy nuclear physics and its applications. We can evaluate neutron cross-sections and use advanced neutronics codes and cross-sections libraries. We assisted with the development of a gamma-ray detector for the NASA Mars mission, Techsource: Nuclear Physics & Applicationsand are involved in the assessment and study of particle accelerators for the sterilization of medical instruments and supplies, the sterilization of food (fruit and meat), and the treatment of wood products. TechSource is also fully qualified to examine the health effects of ionizing radiation and to apply that knowledge to the design of biological shields and personnel protection. Finally, we assist with the development of radioactive production targets and isotope sources. [ more ]

Accelerator Engineering & Science

TechSource personnel have participated in the design of the accelerator and construction of the LEDA at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge. Our personnel can design and analyze radio-frequency quadrupoles, drift tube linear accelerators, coupled cavity linear accelerators, etc. We use the SUPERFISH code for structures design and analysis. In additionTechsource: Accelerator Engineering & Science to the physics design of accelerating structures, we also provide mechanical design and thermal-hydraulics analysis of radio-frequency cavities using codes such as ALGOR or COSMOS. TechSource mechanical design uses AutoCAD to develop layouts and mechanical drawings.
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Program Integration & Project Management

The TechSource staff possesses a strong background in all aspects of program and project management of large and small federal, high- technology programs. This unique expertise was acquired over several-hundreTechsource: Program Integration & Project Managementd man-years of experience in design, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants and nuclear infrastructure projects. Through our access to uniquely qualified contract employees and consultants, we have a proven record of strong leadership and experience in strategic planning, project planning, staffing, budgeting, cost control, scheduling, program/project assessment and review, quality control, business process improvement, policy and regulatory analysis, etc. We excel in troubleshooting and providing guidance and assistance to managers of problem organizations and projects. [ more ]

Business Case Analysis