Program Integration & Project Management

The TechSource staff possesses a strong background in all aspects of program and project management of large and small federal, high-technology programs. This unique expertise was acquired over several-hundreTechsource: Program Integration & Project Managementd man-years of experience in design, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants and nuclear infrastructure projects. Through our access to uniquely qualified contract employees and consultants, we have a proven record of strong leadership and experience in strategic planning, project planning, staffing, budgeting, cost control, scheduling, program/project assessment and review, quality control, business process improvement, policy and regulatory analysis, etc. We excel in troubleshooting and providing guidance and assistance to managers of problem organizations and projects.

Information Management & Technology

As an outgrowth of our successful program and project management practice, TechSource has developed a cadre of staff members who assist clients with federal organization, program, and project management specifically focused on Information Management and Information Technology. Our lead staff members each have over 30 years of experience in federal organizations and programs. TechSource can cover subject matter such as IT organization development, knowledge management, code writing, IT applications, network operations design, hands-on IT operations, and more.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance (QA) staff members are experts in applying QA in the DOE complex, in evaluating and assessing organizational quality processes, and in assisting technical teams in implementing QA programs. TechSource provides a team of QA subject-matter experts and technical staff to create QA infrastructure, systems, and processes that achieve compliance with governing directives (i.e., CFRs, DOE Orders, NQA-1, QC-1, etc.), while customizing the QA program so that it is efficient, relevant, and useable. It will then directly contribute to mission accomplishment.

Technical Communications

Our technical writers and editors each have over 20 years of experience documenting high-technology projects and large, complex systems, including linear accelerators and radio-frequency systems. They are equally adept at paper and on-line documentation using a variety of software programs and media.

TechSource has a Department-wide Reputation for Excellence in Independent Project Management Assessment, Improvement & System Support