Accelerator Engineering & Science

TechSource personnel have participated in the design of the accelerator and construction of the LEDA at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge. Our personnel can design and analyze radio-frequency quadrupoles, drift tube linear accelerators, coupled cavity linear accelerators, etc. We use the SUPERFISH code for structures design and analysis. In additionTechsource: Accelerator Engineering & Science to the physics design of accelerating structures, we also provide mechanical design and thermal-hydraulics analysis of radio-frequency cavities using codes such as ALGOR or COSMOS. TechSource mechanical design uses AutoCAD to develop layouts and mechanical drawings.

Beam Dynamics

TechSource is familiar with all aspects of the design and analysis of beam transport, propagation, and acceleration in structures, using design codes such as, PARMILA, PARMTEQ, TRACE-3D, TRANSPORT, PBGUNS, etc. Our expertise includes modeling of space-charge effects, beam-loss analysis, beam shaping and transport to target, etc. Our beam-transport modeling includes the study of systematic and random errors in components off tolerances as it affects beam performance and resulting beam losses.

Radio-Frequency Systems

Tech Source is familiar with all aspects of the design, procurement, installation, and operation of high-power radio-frequency systems, from low-level to high-power amplifiers and power conditioning to transmission lines, windows and couplers, low- and high-level phase and amplitude controls, etc.

Accelerator Technologies and Engineering: Our engineers bring to bear their unique expertise for the mechanical and electrical engineering required for system design, magnets and power -supplies design using POISSON and PSPICE, vacuum systems design, cryogenic systems design, metrology, control systems, etc.


TechSource offers expertise in dealing with the problems of high-power accelerator targets such as thermal-hydraulics, neutronics and secondary particles production, neutron transport, radiation-shielding design, activity and waste-management issues, and other concerns. We can examine neutron transport and activation using LAHET and MCNP codes. We also have direct access to the latest neutron cross-section libraries at the Brookhaven National Laboratory cross-section center.

Accelerator Commissioning and Operation

We are uniquely capable of providing experts who have hands-on experience with commissioning and operating accelerators. Commissioning includes planning, building, and startup; operating includes setting up round-the-clock operations, planning preventive maintenance, overseeing the spares inventory, etc.